Dual Blue

27 Mar


I sailed seeking the two seas

But found a turquoise heart

Sunk off the island shores,

Cupped it in my hands, as it

Painted a kaleidoscope

Of sea-foam pearls with its beats.


Grazed the waters purple wind and met

The weathered men at sea,

Glistening brows of ocean sweat,

Their spirit is of salt, wind, and water

Drank from their generous tea

And cardamom conversation


Slipped past the royal gates,

To the granted superiority of

Men in thorbes who glide not walk,

Donned in red and white

Alluring colors, that flap

Like proud flags in the wind.


Took a night journey to

The Garden of Eden, saw an

Exquisite love struck angel

Hovering over a sea creatures heart

“Is life beautiful?” He asked as he

Slid a Dilmun amulet over my

Neck and we turned to gold.


The sea creature frightened fled

Sinking through the indigo currents

We tapped the ocean floor

That gushed a fresh spring

And planted a rainbow to forever

Remember that space between

The two seas, between salty and sweet.


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