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domus aurea

30 Aug

Riding down a mountainous road

slipped and slid over the frozen Alpine

Icy, angry, barren; cold wind of rage and deception

Leaving behind the bitter harshness of the Alps

I followed the sun towards

The smooth land of the Lombards


To the land of demigods; worshipers

Of fine foods, wine, women, and beauty

Down to the eternal city, center of centers

Where emperors walk disguised as Popes

And politicians fear their own crucifixion.


Here where the cult of Victory is all

I rolled my heart down the Spanish Steps

Free for all – even a tourist- but it fell

Upon a local; elegant, tall, dark, and devilish

With a slight snake like walk

And fast shark eyes.


As fins approached I slipped the beating red over my back,

And slid towards safety on the Palatine mound

Felt myself as Aeneas, carrying

The old frail Anchises, out of Troy.

Weary yet eager to found a new life

Between Via Veneto and Via Cavour.


Passed the Forum to the Colosseum

The home to all the pigeons of Rome

They cleave to these ancient ruins,

As reincarnated emperors,

Vespasian, Nero, or Claudius?


Stopped at the Santa Maria Del Popolo

Stunned under the painting of

Caravaggio’s Conversion of St Paul

The shades of chiaroscuro as stigmata

Bled tears in my eyes

His paint, drenched in the divine


Hoping the heat would incinerate

My burning heart, I ran a mile

Down the banks of the Tiber

And aerated the flame,

Left the ashes on the altar of

The Ara Pacis and prayed

For eternal peace.


And now light, and unburdened

I fly like the pigeons

Except I am not a reincarnated emperor

Just a lover

With a fresh new heart, that can fly

Hopefully this time…to the heavens

To that golden shelter in the sky

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