2 Aug

Oh Saladin! Where are you?!
Crusaders occupy the streets of Aleppo!
Heed the calls to prayer of Ibn Asakir!
Seek the sacred Mihrab Sahaba
And repel from the walls of your Holy Sanctuary!
Narrow alleys of saffron ashlars
Cobbled cardamom walnut streets of honey
Umayyad domes drape the cream horizon
As the Barada’s palm breeze serenely flows
Shem – ancient city of cities, guard your golden crown!

Damascus natives whose hands as gifts
Lift any strangers drained body to bliss
Wrapped in divine blue winged spirit
Rays of noble brotherhood
Pierce your people’s hearts.

Prayed at the temple of Baal in Palmyra
Bathed in the purple drenched night sky
Danced your crescent moon desert wild
Drank your salty wine of mist
Who stole the nights of kaleidoscopic moons?

As the legendary river cries on her sandy shores
This Euphrates Queen Of Life recites the
Tragic tales of Homs and Tremseh
These desert grains of sand sit as
Wailing scribes of the histories untold
Where is the magic wind of peace?
Lost in refugee meadows of Turkish tulip madness.
Off to foreign borders, to other futures, these flowers flee!
A new life in the U.A.E. or Italy?
Mt. Qasioun reverse the tale of Cain and Abel!
Oh! Great One you are being invaded!
A Contra war bleeds your veins
They have sacked your cities
Murderous mercenaries disguised as your own army
Masquerades of external treachery abound!
The camouflage of media lies intended to persuade
Some shady NATO plan devised to distort
Dazed and distracted the careless world
Sips another glass of red, bread with butter
Any acid reflux?
I still roam your streets in this vision of my mind
A flock of midnight butterfly’s coast through saddened air
Variegated flapping wings yield a sacred sound
Of blessed chants and courageous hymns
Their Ramadan humming infuses the air:


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