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Back Pain Relief

4 Nov


I have had a delicate back ever since the 80’s.  It was not until 2012 however, that my back really got bad and I could hardly walk. I was diagnosed with sciatica. The lowest part on the left side of my spinal column hurt and was told I was lucky that the pain was not spreading down my leg or foot. I tried all kinds of therapy – acupuncture, chiropractor, physical therapy, and even bio energetic healing, but nothing seemed to help.

I was fortunate enough to  come across this article that helped me find relief:–And-simple-dose-antibiotics-cure-good.html This article basically states that back pain, slipped disks, or herniated disks are caused by the build up of bacteria in the spinal column. I immediately went and bought the antibiotics that were used in the study (this article used to be free, but now it is a pay per view) . The antibiotics prescribed in the mentioned article are: Amoxycillin 500mg/Potassium Clauvulanate 125mg three times a day for 90 days.

After two days of taking the antibiotics I felt some relief and my range of movement of my leg greatly increased.

After two weeks I was much better, I could walk again, and after a month I still had some pain but nothing compared to how I had been. I have now finished the treatment, I stopped taking the antibiotics a week ago, and I went on a 40 km hike in two days!

I write this for any other person who might be in a similar situation. It is worth trying the antibiotics for two weeks to see if your back pain subsides, if it does then I recommend taking the dose for the entire 90 days.

Good luck and healing to all those that need it!



Manikarnika Ghat

4 Nov


The steps to heaven glisten

On midnight’s shimmering waters

Reflecting the beckoning void

That strides between the cosmos and

The weary souls of earth that parade

Through narrow street processions

A chain of chants sustains a reservoir of tears

The solemn sadness serenely spreads

The soaked spices and holy oils

On a weighed, wrapped in white, washed

Fired, fragrance, blazed-to-ash Soul

That dances with incense intertwined

As Kali joins in a sensuous trance

And swings the trapeze Soul up high

It flies and crashes upon its circus life

A cosmic asteroid turned a blossomed lotus

With kaleidoscopic karmic petals that fall

Some sink others drift in Shiva’s river-tangled hair

Of water dreadlocks that embrace the earth

To be reborn at dawn or another time

To join once again the cosmic dust dance

Between sun, breath, mud, moon, and ash

The flame that burns and drowns

Immersed, gone, and born again

In the forever flowering cosmic Ganga.

This is Varanasi.




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