Yavirac’s Bio

Yavirac was born in Peru and raised in Ecuador. She has traveled extensively throughout Latin American, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Her love of diverse cultures and art led her to complete three undergraduate degrees in Art History, International Studies, and Anthropology from the University of Oregon. She also has earned an Interdisciplinary Masters degree from the University of Oregon in History, Religious Studies, and Anthropology. Her academic specialty lies in Near Eastern archaeology, and she has studied, volunteered, and excavated in Bethlehem, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Gaza.

Having run several of her own international businesses, she realizes the importance of supporting the communities in which her businesses grew and profited. She has worked as an active board member for Centro Latino Americano in Eugene, Oregon.  She has volunteered as an English teacher for non-English speakers as well.  She volunteered at the Centro del Muchacho Trabajador and the Museo de Benjamin Carrion in Quito, Ecuador.

In Ecuador and  Venezuela, she  worked in the Consular and Personnel offices of the American Embassy (Quito),  assisted in the production of dance/theater events, and danced with several Latin-American modern dance and indigenous dance companies (Centro Cultural Humanizarte [Quito] and Teatro Simon Bolivar [Margarita]).  Currently she works as an interpreter in several languages. In her free time she writes poetry, screenplays, excavates, and continues to dance.


One Response to “Yavirac’s Bio”

  1. Peter February 8, 2011 at 9:31 pm #

    Hi Christina, it’s Peter, the Dutch photographer!!! We’ve met in Segou last week. Hope you’re OK!! Where are you guys? What will be your next stop? Are you on your way back to Austria? I’m finishing my book the next weeks. Then I leave for Japan. Will be back in Africa later this year…..Looking forward to hearing from you! Cheers, Peter

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